Can i participate more than once

YES ! we will have NEW celebrity photo every day, and NEW draw every day.

so, by submitting your guess every day, you are increasing your chances to win!

Everybody get a prize – Will everybody who participate will get a prize


What are the prizes?

Every day we will run a draw between all participant who guess who is the celebrity in the daily photo, AND followed the submission instructions (comment their guess on our facebook comment box AND submit the participation form properly)
In addition ALL participants will get a discount coupon for a gold plated name necklace. This coupon can be redeemed on http://namenecklacesale.com/

What kind of coupon we will I get

If you guess right who is the celebrity on our daily photo you will get a 33% discount coupon, if guess wrong who is the celebrity on our daily photo you will get a 25% discount coupon.

How to participate in the promotion

In order to be eligible for the prize you must follow 2 2steps
1.    Look at the daily photo and try to guess who the celebrity in the photo is. Then leave a comment in the facebook comment box in the bottom of the page with the celebrity name. Your comment must have the following syntax “Who is <your guess>?”
2.    Submit the participation form with your details
3.    That’s it!

How will I know if I won?

In the end of each day we will check all submissions and make a draw between all participants who 1. Follow the participations rules. 2. Guess right who the celebrity is. Then we will contact the winner using his email in order to inform him. The rest of the participants will get the discount coupons

For how long will the coupons  I get be valid?

The coupons are valid for 3 days.